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Your own Incoming Fax & Voice Mail Number Free! How can this be?!!

Here's how the Free Fax works:
Click on this LINK for the free service, or on either Ad (for the Plus service) and establish an eFax account.
You will be provided with a fax number (with Area Code) that you can give out to anyone when they need to send you a Fax. (With the free eFax account, the Area Code will probably be different from your telephone number's Area Code) When someone sends you a fax, it is automatically converted to an eFax file with a File Extension of '.EFX'. That file it sent as a File Attachment to the Email address you supply when you set up the account. You download and the Attachment and Open it in eFax Messenger, a free program you download and install when you open your account.
With this program, you can:
  • View the Fax, page by page, by Scrolling down
  • Click on Thumbnail images of each page to jump to a specific page
  • Zoom in to enlarge the text
  • Rotate the text
  • Print the Fax out
  • Save the .EFX file for future reference
  • Forward the Email with the .EFX file attached to another eFax member so they can also view it
  • Access faxes sent to you when you travel, as long as you can connect into your Email account
The Free Fax account is limited to receiving Faxes and Voice Mail messages. If you upgrade to the paid 'Plus' account, you can:
  • Send faxes out of your PC. An Outgoing Fax can be from almost any program or file type the you create.
  • Obtain an eFax number that is in your Area Code. If most people sending you faxes are in your area, they can fax to a local number.
  • Obtain a Toll Free number for people to send to
  • Obtain multiple fax numbers
Click on either ad above or below to get the 'Plus' eFax service
Get pricing information for eFax Plus HERE.
eFax Plus has a free trial period.

Here's how the Voice mail works:
When someone calls your eFax number, there is a message that instructs to 'Press 1 to leave a voice message'. (If a fax machine is sending a fax, that is automatically detected)
The voice message is also saved as a file with a '.GSM' File Extension and sent to your Email address, where you can download and listen to the message with eFax Messenger

Here's a hint: If you have a dialup internet account and people can't get through to you because you are always tying up your telephone line, you can make your own 'free call forwarding while on line' service. Here's how:
  • This works best if your have 'Call Waiting' and disable it when you go on line
  • Set up the free eFax account
  • Give your fax number to your friends. Tell them that if they can't get through, you might be on line and to call your fax number and leave a voice message.
  • Set up a Yahoo Email account and have your eFax message go to that account.
  • Get Yahoo Instant Messenger
  • When your eFax voice messages and faxes go to your Yahoo Email account, and if you also have Yahoo Instant Messenger running, you will be 'beeped' by the Instant Messenger that you just received a Voice message from eFax.
  • Listen to the message with eFax Messenger, all within seconds of the message being sent!

As with any of these services, if you have a question, please feel free to
Contact PC Voyage

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