Be careful with 'Ad blockers'. Why? Some blocking programs are overly aggressive, blocking all Ads, GIF and Flash animations, javascript and sounds. They do not necessarily stop all the data for those from being downloaded, so there is no gain in speed. Plus, some actually 'rewrite' web pages on the fly, seeking out javascript, animations and applets to filter out. The problem with blocking everything is that many web pages have all of these elements as part of their style, look & feel, and functionality, and if you take these away, it's like cutting down the trees to see the forest. PC Voyage suggests a simple Window blocker like PopUpStopper. It simply stops another instance of the browser from opening, which is the way pop-over/under ads work. Sometimes you want another IE or NS window to open. With a program like PopUpStopper, you can easily over-ride the blocking by holding the CTRL key down when you click on a link, or you can temporarily turn off the blocker by a click on a System Tray icon. PC voyage recommends staying away from more elaborate blockers like AdSubtract that attempt to block everything, including necessary web page functions.