Why Holyoke should vote down CPA

We're Taxed Enough, Already!

Businesses urge Holyoke voters to reject Community Preservation Act

The Community Preservation Act (CPA) supposedly wants to help a town with nice things like "Recreation" and "Historical Preservation."
Yes, money has been spent on such projects. Yet the real focus is on low-income house and open space. (See below)

In reality:
  • CPA is a Tax Increase. CPA commissions will say, "It's not a tax." Yet their own website says a source of funding is "a local property tax surcharge."
  • CPA is more property tax paid by home owners.
  • CPA hurts local businesses. As business property taxes rise, the cost of goods and services goes up.
  • Businesses Against CPA - To add your business to this list, email: [email protected]
    Click here to see lists of these businesses ...

    • Sullivan and Narey Construction

    • Route 202 liquors

    • TNT Pizza

    • Bamboo House

    • A+A Gas station

    • Dillion Discount liquors

    • Ivory Billiards

    • Subway(near Rite Aid)

    • Jims Mobil

    • Meineke

    • Hampden Tap

    • Nicks Nest

    • JP's Restaurant

    • Mrs. Mitchells Kitchen

    • Sportsmen's Caf�

    • Francis heating and Air

    • Curran Construction

    • Rock Valley Enterprises

    • Holyoke Liquors

    • Griffins lounge

    • Applied Light

    • Italian Friendly

    • JSC construction

    • Max Salvage

    • Quantum Properties

    • Johnson Excavating

    • Marion Electric

    • Sattler Trucking

    • Greg and Adams Package Store

    • Elizur Holyoke Pub

    • Reliable Computer

    • Davignon Computer

    • The Clubhouse

    • Amedeo's Restaurant

    • Dino's Pizza Restaurant

    • B+J Liquor

    • Brian Buro Club of Holyoke

    • Friendly Variety

    • Scalia Home Improvement

    • Murry's Duct-Work
    Finished reading

  • CPA pushes "exemptions" to low income earners and seniors. To qualify for an exemption, you must fill out a complex 4 page application every year. And there's no gaurantee that you will get an exemption just because you apply.
  • Seniors: If your annual income is over the "area median," it means no automatic exemption (just because you are a senior).
  • Are you a renter and think the CPA tax surcharge doesn't affect you? A landlord has a higher tax burden and might have to raise rents.
  • CPA funds are used for low income housing. Cities like Holyoke already have more than their share of required low income housing.
  • CPA funds are used to acquire land for various reasons (also, see below). Some cities have very little land left for development and cannot grow if acreage is taken and declared off limits.
  • Land obtained by CPA funded Conservation Commissions is often taken off the property tax rolls, leave the home and business owners with a heavier burden of the local tax bill.
  • Town are told the towns get matching funds from the State CPA Coalition, but the State's share drops over the mandatory 5 year period.
  • Recreation is pushed by CPA as a main component of their 4 categories
    • Recreation
    • Historic
    • Open Space
    • Low income housing
    Yet, of all the money (over One Billion dollars) used by CPA projects over the years,
    • $160,480,918 - 1550 projects, 15.5% - used for Recreation
    • $258,708,807 - 1600 projects, 25.0% - used for Open Space
    • $299,735,756 - 1600 projects, 29.0% - used for Low Income Housing
    • $314,522,609 - 4150 projects, 30.5% - used for Historical
  • Did you know that 140 Massachusetts towns initially voted not to have CPA? While several towns subsequently adopted CPA, it's not as popular as they claim.
  • CPA proponents push "leverage," where the money collected can be used to get Bonding for more expensive projects than the CPA funds can handle. Eventually, these bonds have to be paid off with even more taxpayer money! This they don't mention.
  • Leverage is also mentioned as a way to get matching funds from grants and other sources. But it's still other peoples' money!
  • Do you believe this is a local issue, that you are making the decisions? Think again.
    As is with Communty Development Corporations, local decision making is dictated at the State level.

Keep your money Local

Does you town need money for a project? Have a fundraiser!

(See if those who push CPA are willing to contribute)

Learn more about what's behind the insidious plans behind Housing and Open Space. From the CPA website: �Open space�, shall include, but not be limited to, land to protect existing and future well fields, aquifers and recharge areas, watershed land, agricultural land, grasslands, fields, forest land, fresh and salt water marshes and other wetlands, ocean, river, stream, lake and pond frontage, beaches, dunes and other coastal lands, lands to protect scenic vistas, land for wildlife or nature preserve and land for recreational use."
Sounds pretty much like everything!

See for yourself by going to the CPA website and research the hundreds of instances of Open Space and Low Income Housing projects.
At that page, under 'Municipality(s) and Date(s), click "Select all" then click a yellow or green checkbox, then "Search." It will return 50 items per page. At the bottom, click the "last" link to see thte total number of pages.


NO on 5 Committee

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