A fishy story 2002 Fishing season
All the fish we got this year were Released to be caught another day. We encourage all to Catch & Release. Bring a camera, a tape measure and a scale and record your catches, then let em' go!
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Last Update 9-3-03

Don B. in 2003
Don B. in 2003
Don B. in 2003
Keith & Catfish
Aggressive Perch
Keith & Bass
Mike lands a 15" Calico
Mike gets the Hog of the day
Keith & a 17" LMB
Mike & the 18.5" LMB
Keith & same 17" LMB
Amanda IS the Bass Master
Getting ready to release
2 at a time!
John V with a big LMB
John V with Hog O' the Day

Mike with Hog of the season
Mike's trophy Pickerel
Keith & 18" Bass
Keith and another 18" LMB
This was a real fighter
Mike's 19" LMB
Early morning
Labor Day
John W with a real hog
John W, ready to release
Last Hog O' the season
Another view ...
The boat ...
More boat
New wood, vinyl

Picture Staging Area