Many companies have Microsoft Office but have not been able to take advantage of the more advanced features of Excel, Access or Word.
  • Does your comany have plenty of data that has been laboriously entered into Excel Spreadsheet or Access Database files?
  • Are you making the best use of this data and getting the most out of your software?
  • Are you aware of what can be done with Office and its potential?
    Here are just a few examples of what we can do for you:
    • Consolidate "high-maintenance" Excel workbooks into a user-friendly application
    • Normalize data tables by identifying and eliminating duplicate data entries
    • Create relational databases
    • Create 'easy-to-use' Data Entry Forms - See Sample
    • Eliminate data redundancy (the same data entered in multiple places)
    • Construct queries for easy access to data
    • Build reports that present information in an 'easy-to-use' format
    • Create a database management system
    • Mail-Merge with Microsoft Word. Create standard documents from data tables
  • Do you often want the software to generate reports, but you're not sure of how to program the software?
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